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A resource, and service, of architectural design for the production of dossiers and drafting of plans for submission for planning consents and permissions. As an independent artisan providing a range of architectural services for projects of renovation and conversion of French properties. Including project management from utilities organisation, connection, devis and works scheduling.

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Also offering Log Cabins, Chalets & Homes.

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Building/Project manager

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Renovate in France 
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Customer Name
Peter & Lesley Wilson

“After three years failing to get permission for a loft conversion in our stone cottage in Correze we learned of Steve Davies. Within two months he'd visited us, met with Batiment de France, secured agreement for the conversion and produced a new application. The project is now complete. Aside from his technical expertise Steve's interaction with the planners was the main reason for success.”

Segur cottage attic beforeSegur cottage attic afterSegur cottage attic exterior

Customer Name
Tony & Maria Carpenter

“We asked Steve Davies to do the application for a Permis de Construire for a log cabin on our building plot at Boisme, Deux Sevres. When there was a problem he was able to communicate with the planning people and we were able to communicate with him, this helps to make it easier and the log cabin is now being built.”

Boism cabin South faceBoisme cabin East FaceBoisme cabin from road

Customer Name
Joe & Carolyn Power

“We are in the process of buying a house from a French person who is selling at a reduced price due to planning problems.Steve Davies took this project on and we are now on the brink of buying the house and receiving the modification to the Permis de Construire which was causing the problem.Steve is a very friendly and helpful person to deal with and we would use him for future planning application”

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