Creuse Construction

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We can help you with your project from the foundation to the roof. We have 25 years authenticated experience with excellent references.
We also carry out a service for the perspective house buyer who would like to know the cost of renovating. Get in touch for more details.

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Builder/Building contractor
Building/Project manager
Electrician/Cable installer
Floor and wall tiler
Plasterer/Insulator/Dry waller

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Creuse Construction 
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Registration number: 485349518

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Insurer: AXA
Policy Number: 23016144
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Job Title
General Building Work in 23210

Date Rated

James Ferdinand

“Really happy with the service we received. Totally stress free. The price quoted was good and the final price was exactly the same as the quote. The standard of work was high and it was done quickly. The thing we were most happy about though, was how accommodating the service was. We live and work in England and wanted to be over in France while the work was being done. They made it so easy and turned up exactly when they said they would (unlike a lot of builders!). Will use again.”

* * * * * Overall Rating * * * * * Price * * * * * On time completion * * * * * Estimate quickly provided

Job Title
Rendering a large bungalow

Date Rated

Andrew Davis

“Exllent service”

* * * * * Overall Rating * * * * * Qualifications and insurances * * * * * Price * * * * * Experience and references * * * * * Estimate quickly provided
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