How it works

Using FindaTradeinFrance as a tradesman is simple and easy...

1) Create a free account and profile for your business telling us the types of work you do and the area you cover.
2) Once approved you'll have full access to FindaTradeinFrance where you can view all local job leads from both English and French customers (we clearly display their language(s) spoken).
3) New job leads posted will be sent to you by email (text message service also available and app coming soon).
4) Purchase the contact details for any leads you would like to quote for (see prices below).
5) Get rated and reviewed on the jobs you do, in order to help you win more work.


FindaTradeinFrance is free to join and we do not charge membership fees, simply pay for the contact details of jobs you wish to do.

Job prices start from just 3 euros (including TVA) and are dependent on the size, type and location of the work.

Our average job price is only 13 euros and this becomes even cheaper if you preload credit to your account. You can also save even more with our latest offer, see details below:

Special Offer - All jobs are 20% off when you have 10 euros (or more) credit in your account.

Not only are our prices highly competitive, we also keep your competition low. 90% of our jobs only allow a maximum of 2 or 3 tradespeople to make contact and quote. Even then, these contact limits are rarely reached.

For older jobs we'll even show you how many other tradespeople have purchased the job already and if you're still not sure, let us know and we'll call the customer and find out if they still need further quotes.

At FindaTradeinFrance, we take the risk out of finding more work!



Job payments are made each time you wish to purchase the contact details of a job and contact the customer. Payments can be made by debit/credit card or Paypal.

To save further money you can also preload your account with credit and receive free bonus credit as follows:

€25 – nous créditons votre compte de €25
€40 – nous créditons votre compte de €45
€70 – nous créditons votre compte de €80


If you are unable to contact a customer for a job lead you have purchased or on initial contact are told the job is no longer available, you can claim a refund.

To do this you will need to complete the 'Contact Issue' refund request form in your account for that specific job, telling us what happened. This is then communicated with the homeowner and once verified we will add the refund as credit to your account.

Account credit can only be refunded if requested within 14 days of the original purchase and will be minus any bonus credit.


Our members not only provide us with suggestions to help us improve, they also tell us when we have helped are a few of their comments.
“I have found FindaTradeinFrance to be a fantastic business tool – after completing my 2 last jobs, I got 5 star rating which helps with my promotion.”
BSR Dépann'heure
“FindaTrade was recommended to us from a friend who had advertised his own trade on the site. We find the site very easy and user friendly as we only get emails from people who are looking for our particular trade and thus saves on wasted time visiting jobs that aren’t suitable”
Steve & Sue Davidge
“Our first client obtained through FindaTrade recommended us to their friends so we are not only receiving work through the website but also getting recommendations from previous clients through word of mouth.”
Steve & Sue Davidge
“After just 2 weeks advertising with you we had two positive outcomes already!”
Kate Millson
“Keep up the good work as I have found the site to be very useful in finding new business for my company”
Phillipe Deny
“I Regularly use FindaTrade to search for new clients and to find the trades we need to support our business.”
Karen Jones
“Well done -The site improves every time I look at it!”
Karen Jones
“We now recommend the site to both Clients and other tradespeople.”
Steve & Sue Davidge
“We have found FindaTrade to be a vital part of our advertising campaign.”
Steve & Sue Davidge
“Well done for creating such a useful source of information.”
Karen Jones
“I think it is a really good value way of advertising”
Kate Millson

Our Promise

We contact and verify every job and notify you by text (usually within minutes of them being posted and approved). Therefore, we promise to put you in touch with a live job that is still available.

If you are unable to contact a customer within 48 hours or on initial contact the job is no longer available a full refund* will be provided to your FindaTrade account. Simply log in and submit the contact issue refund request form in your account.

* Refunds can only be provided if they are requested within 10 days of the original purchase and if your additional details (insurance info, references, qualifications etc) are up to date. Please see our terms and conditions and refund policy for more information.

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