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What our members say

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Bathrooms & Kitchens
Job Name: Building work
Job Description:  We have a house in the Pyrenees region. We are looking for a reliable english speaking builder to cut out and install two windows for us. We want the work carried out in august, we have drawings indicating what needs to be done. We also need two bathrooms renovated, plus kitchen and extensive work to the outside of the house including the garden. I am coming out to France next Sunday for a week so would it be possible to meet with you and discuss this in person

Job Name: Apartment painting and Kitchen fitted
Job Description:  I would like my apartment of 27m2, good condition re-painted all white (walls, ceiling, bathroom and small kitchen) A small kitchenette pulled out and fitted with new one from Ikea. (kitchen advice/plan needed) A door for the Cave and insulation. Plus some minor repairs to the door frames/window frames/ floor/ mirrors put on the walls.

Job Name: Construction of a new bathroom
Job Description: Originally a double bedroom with shower, loo and basin. All now removed. Looking to recondition old floorboards, waterproof and put in new shower, bath, loo and basins. 3 of 4 walls in decent condition.

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Job Name: Floor tiling
Job Description: 60 m2 of large format (600mm x 600mm) porcelain floor tiles to lay on a levelled floor. The floor has electric underfloor heating in an anhydrite screed. The top level of the screed has been cleaned off and it's ready to be primed. All materials (floor primer, quality flexible adhesive, tiles, quality grout) are on site. The price is for the floor priming and the tile laying. Looking for a quality experienced job with small gaps (<3mm joints). The job is in a property in xxxxxx  Ask if you need more detail. Other work is available to fit bathroom equipment and tile to 6 small bathrooms and tile other floor areas of the property. Cheers

Job Name: Plasterer
Job Description: Qualified plasterer needed for large house., half is plasterboarded already, the other half to be done in a couple of months, so the job will be in 2 parts. the first half is for 3 bedrooms, a hallway and a kitchen.all taping and dubbing out already done.must be prepared to use 2000 L french plaster. needed as soon as possible . if you can beat Euros 18 /hr and you are efficient please contact us as soon as possible.

Job Name: Interior decorating
Job Description: We are looking for an interior decorator to paint the inside of our newly built house in xxxxxxxx, France. I am coming to France on 13th June for 3 weeks and could meet you then. Kindly let us know your terms.

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General Building
Job Name: Survey of a house
Job Description: I am looking for a builder to view a stone property in Saint Claud, Charente region. It is currently up for sale with an agent and i have viewed it once but before I put in an offer I would like someone who is experienced in stone building renovation to visit the site and advise whether the building is structurally sound or would have to come down. I would also like a quote on either the renovation works or the dismantling and rebuilding of the property. Because I live in England I would need the person to attend the property on their own with the estate agent.

Job Name: Repair and build
Job Description: Workshop roof completion and repair, house wall to be rendered, new house log store to be built

Job Name: Internal alterations
Job Description: I'm looking for quotes for removing an internal party wall (non-supporting) to make a through lounge. I also need a wood burning stove installed - i.e. flue, chimney, surround etc. I plan to buy the actual stove.

Job Name: Renovation
Job Description: Take down fireplace/chimney Fit + tile new upstairs bathroom (fittings supplied) Remove old staircase, fit new circular staircase (supplied) Install electric underfloor heating Prepare floor & tile 110m2 with 45 x 45cm tiles (2 floors, tiles supplied) Convert bottom 55 m2 storage area into 3 bedrooms/wetroom/dryroom/toilet Fit 7 new doors Cut holes for + fit 6 new windows Install 2 x 17-25lt tankless water systems Provide new electrics/plumbing/heating for whole project Extend balcony + fit existing internal staircase to balcony

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Job Name: Swimming pool build
Job Description: Architect and builder required for a pool in department 22

Job Name: Flood Protection
Job Description: I am looking for suppliers and fitters of flood defence doors similar to the Flood Plank System produced by PS Corporation Flood Protection solutions. These to be fitted to protect the front door and a pair of french doors, both opening on to the street at ground level. The building is close to the banks of the river Herault. It is located in a terraced street built of vesicular basalt

Job Name: Fosse installation
Job Description: We need advice regarding current fosse and whether a new one is necessary - house is approx 30 years old

Job Name: Roofer , gardener, chimney , stonemason required
Job Description: To replace, felt and batton slate house roof. To maintain garden on a regular basis. To lower chimney. To sweep chimney To rebulid corner of stone barn wall.

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Larger projects
Job Name: Barn Refurbishment
Job Description Hi, I saw your ad on the internet. I have an old house in the Auvergne region 63520. I need the following work done to an attached barn (approx 8mtr x 6 mtre) which has fallen into decay: 1. Concrete floor for car parking 2. Stabilization of walls ( spraying with concrete is the easiest way I have been advised): 4 internal walls (height approx 3 - 3.5 mtres) 3. External stabilzation of end wall (it is bowed), but about 0.5 mtrs thick, so it should not fall with some TLC) 4. New roof (the old one has collapsed) it has been sugegsted that using roof trusses will give less weight on the walls, no weight on the end wall, then blocking up the end wall to complete the job and spraying the external blocks to match the rest of the wall. 5. Roof covering to this barm, plus attached 2nd barn (which currently has old black bitumen sheets on existing timbers, which are mostly OK (just rip off the old sheets and replace) - all with cement undulated sheets (red finish), no tiles. 6. Repair to entance doorway (requires new lintel internal, and maybe external, as the internal one has broken), plus repair to stones in wall that have fallen adjacent to the door entrance (about 0.5 mtre circular fall) I have already applied through Le Mairie for Permis Contruire, and the local Maire is happy with the plan, and he also speaks English. I am really looking for the most economical way to make the structure safe (especially the bowed end wall) and get the entrance doorway repaired, and the the roof/fllor done. Are you interested, if so how do we proceed please? I look forward to hearing from you.

Job Name: House Renovation
Job Description To completely renovate downstairs room, treat wood throughout, first fix electrics throughout, renovate cellar, fit windows in roof, fit bathroom, we have a list of requirements. please contact for full details. We wish to make house livable in one room with heating and bathroom and to have electrics in for kitchen appliances etc....This is our initial aim. We also have a barn we would like to convert into a living room, but this may need to be done at a later stage. The house is in Les Mays (A hamlet not far from Eymoutiers). Limousin

Job Name: Property renovation
Job Description:  Property is in excellent condition, but we have recently bought the property and we are seeking an architect to redesign the interior (new bathroom, new wetroom, plumbing and bathrooms are already there) as well as taking down plasterboard walls to lose a bedroom and enlarge two bedrooms, add a corridor, built a gym, pool house. English speakers essential

Job Name: House renovation
Job Description: Complete renovation job including repairs to roof, mezzanine level added, new stairs, windows in roof, electrics, plumbing, foss septique, underfloor heating, replacement floors where needed. I am looking for one contractor to give me a quote for carrying out all works if possible.

Job Name: Complete rebuild of property
Job Description:  We currently have planning permission for a demolishion and rebuild job in 23 area, project is a two storey detached house, plans by local arictect, looking for builders who can start now

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Job Name Barn conversion/renovation
Job Description Draw and submit plans on 300 m2 historic barn conversion to enable full planning approval. No roof at present, which has to be replaced 'as was' exception of velux windows. Other features to remain minimal additions. CU positive for one dwelling as purchased,would prefer to split into three smaller properties which would suit feature lay-out better.

Job Name Architect required
Job Description Architect required for renovation of 2 barns.. full service required including project management of the renovation

Job Name extension
Job Description We have a property in Sainte Croix by the lake near the Verdon Gorge It is a 1 bed house which we would like to convert / extend into a 3 or 4 bedroom house with patio. Unfortunately our French is very basic and we are looking for someone who can assist us in the whole process, from drawing architectural plans, getting permission from the mayor and project managing the site

Job Name Drawings
Job Description I have had drawings done in English for a barn renovation. I have been told that I need to get them put into French and stamped by a registerd French Architect. Can anybody help me please?

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Job Name: Internal electrical work
Job Description: Fit 3 light appliances to existing wall light points Mend faulty ceiling light fitting Resite one electrical wall radiator to adjacent wall 2.5 metres away in same room Install 1 new electrical wall socket on same wall as radiator (nearest existing socket 1 metre away, using external duct along skirting board please provide quotation in French and include VAT estimate please state your qualifications

Job Name: Plumbing/Bathroom
Job Description: Construct and fit new shower, bath & basin taps Fit new UPVC shower doors

Job Name: Multiple work
Job Description: (1)Connect , M/drain 1m. run 3.5m drop from inside property. (2)Connect ext. water supply into property 1.5m run/supply ,fix (gas or oil)dom/cent heating boiler. (3)Rewire 5Room house including for 15sockets /13amp. cooker connection & consumer unit (4)Internal plastering &ext. rendering rates/sq. m. (5)Stone walling 300mm. thi. (6)fit Saterllite/TV receiver.

Job Name: New electrical wiring installation
Job Description: New wiring required in small cottage renovation. Sockets and lighting conduit already installed.

Job Name: plumbing
Job Description: back boiler and radiators and water piping throughout house.

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Job Name: Roof and guttering repair or replacement.
Job Description: We have a village house in Valros nr Pezanas and the roof and guttering leaks. We need to have the roof repaired or replaced and the guttering and fall pipe replaced. It is not a large roof and if it is decided that the roof needs replacing we would like some windows fitting in the roof. (i.e velux). We will be at our house from 11th - 18th April and available for someone to have a look and give us a quote. We would need an english speaker as our french is very basic.

Job Name: Barn Refurbishment
Job Description: Hi, I saw your ad on the internet. I have an old house in the Auvergne region. I need the following work done to an attached barn (approx 8mtr x 6 mtre) which has fallen into decay: New roof (the old one has collapsed) it has been sugegsted that using roof trusses will give less weight on the walls, no weight on the end wall, then blocking up the end wall to complete the job and spraying the external blocks to match the rest of the wall. 5. Roof covering to this barm, plus attached 2nd barn (which currently has old black bitumen sheets on existing timbers, which are mostly OK (just rip off the old sheets and replace) - all with cement undulated sheets (red finish), no tiles.

Job Name: Refurbish roof
Job Description: Strip existing tiles and battens from roof. Remove old fibreglass insulation. Treat timber (fungicide et cetera - certificated) Insulate roof with thermo-réflecteur multi-layered material. Replace battens as required (treated) Re tile using new tiles. Approximately 3,750 tiles (20 x 30cm)

Job Name: Replace Roof
Job Description: 2 x 80m sq roof to be replaced in townhouses Old tiles to be reused. Most existing framework replaced either concrete or timber

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